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Smiley with a speech bubbleHere are some verbatim user quotes from 15 users describing their experience with the user interface and interaction model I designed for UK Post Office as part of a £300 million ($450m) IT refresh project.

I worked on this project for 2 and a half years and had sole responsibility for making sure the system was usable.

 Here’s what the user testing participants had to say:

    Video Testimonials about my Website Success System

  • Simple enough. Straight forward
  • What I liked about it was [it was] very clear. As an inexperienced user it was intuitive and surprisingly straight forward to use.
  • I loved that process. It was as easy as it could possibly be.  You put it [the information] in and it just did. I liked that a lot. Very very good.
  • That was superb it was excellent. Very straight forward. Even as an inexperienced user I found I went through that quite quickly.
  • Oh that’s excellent, 20 out 10. Excellent. Excellent.
  • That was really good. I really like that. I don’t have to scroll.  
  • That’s brilliant so much easier. It’s so much better than X [the old system].
  • That was quite easy. [The new system] asked me all the things I expected to see.
  • Considering that’s the first time I’ve done it, I fumbled a little [at the start] but that was spot on.
  • It seemed to be working very very well. It was very user friendly and quicker than the existing system to put [the order] through.
  • Wow, that was…wow! That was clever. It’s well thought out.  The girls [in the office]  are going to love that.
  • That was very nice. Very easy.
  • I like that. Not being that familiar with the existing system, I found that exceptionally straightforward. It does what it said on the tin, it works. It took me where I wanted to be and the look and feel of the screens worked very well.
  • I didn’t expect that. Well blow me down. It’s easy peasy.
  • Definitely a 10 it was a straight-forward process not complicated at all.
  • I think it’s fab. really good.

Testimonials about my Website Success System

You can find a full list of testimonials on the Website Success System site. Here’s one sample from Dave Ingram of

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marcia March 11, 2010 at 10:50 am

Hi Colette: Can you take a look at my site and let me know what you think. Also, what is the amount of the system in US dollars. Thanks much.